Saturday, January 19, 2013

Strangas Dessert Boutique

After going to Paris with the boyfriend back in 2011 and eating as many macarons as I could, I started hunting for macarons in Copenhagen. And one of the places that made macarons here was Strangas Dessert Boutique. So I've known about Strangas for awhile now, like almost two years, and I finally went yesterday! (It is probably better for my wallet that I have not gone sooner!) 

Although I love macarons and still need to try the ones that they have, I went for a chocolate mango seabuckthorn mousse cake and a vanilla panna cotta with pineapple. The boyfriend and I shared both desserts last night and loved them both. The mousse cake was light, the chocolate did not mask the mango and seabuckthorn mousse, and visually, I loved the texture of the outside of the cake. Nikolaos Strangas was at the counter when I was at the conditori and he convinced me to try his panna cotta. I can make panna cotta so I wasn't initially drawn to it. But when he told me his method of making panna cotta, I needed to try it. His panna cotta was not like the ones I have made. The vanilla bean panna cotta was very smooth, soft, and had a caramel taste. It had the texture of a pudding rather than jello. Writing about all of this makes me want to go back and try something else...

If you love desserts, go visit Strangas!

Strangas Dessert Boutique
Åboulevard 7
1635 Copenhagen V
(really close to Forum and the lakes)

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