Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lunch at Greasy Spoon

On Saturday afternoon the fiance, E, and I went to have lunch at Greasy Spoon on Studiestræde. Greasy Spoon is based off of the idea of an American diner. The interior of Greasy Spoon does give off the American diner vibe in a simpler more toned down way which was nice. I wanted to try this place out because it got great reviews on Politiken and they were serving macaroni and cheese!

The guys had burgers and the fiance had a traditional Danish beef sandwich as well which was totally covered in gravy while I had a strawberry milkshake and a huge bowl of mac and cheese. It wasn't my favorite mac and cheese. The sauce wasn't as creamy and smooth as I would have preferred but it had a little spicy kick to it which was nice. The guys enjoyed their burgers and sandwiches and so next time I go there I might try their more breakfast-y menu or their burgers instead.

It is pretty busy at Greasy Spoon right now because of the buzz they've been getting in the media and they've only been open a month and a half! They don't take reservations right now so you really need to walk in there at the right time. We met at the diner at 2pm and still had to sit at the bar for about 20 minutes before we got a table at a booth. So do plan ahead or make sure you're not in a rush if you're going there on the weekend!

If you're missing some good ol' (North) American food, give Greasy Spoon a try!

Greasy Spoon
Studiestræde 14
1455 Copenhagen K

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  1. Oh, looks amazing!
    We have an amaerican dinner in Oslo to, called Nighthawk Dinner, and they have amazing food!
    Hope you soon visit, and we can go there together:)