Monday, December 2, 2013

Clay Ornaments

I made some clay ornaments that doubled as birthday favors for my birthday brunch as well as christmas decorations for my friends who celebrated with me. This was a really simple DIY/craft that you can do in under an hour. You can paint them, use a sharpie or something to draw or write on them, or you can form them into different shapes with your hands. Go crazy and experiment and try jazzing them up! I liked the light white color so I left mine really simple. To go with the holiday theme I used a dala horse, moose, star, and heart cookie cutters. I borrowed a set of doily stamps from a sweet friend and used that for some texture and pattern and I also stamped all of my friends' names onto the ornaments as well with a tiny alphabet stamp set I received from my sister.

What you will need is: air dry clay (I got mine at Panduro), some cookie cutters, and different stamps or things to stamp the clay with to give it some pattern and texture

Roll out the clay to your desired thickness. Stamp the clay with different designs and patterns before cutting the clay with your cookie cutters. Carefully remove the clay from the cookie cutter and poke a hole around the center of the ornament with something sharp and round (a straw or a skewer would work). Place clay ornaments on some baking paper and let it dry. It takes about 2 to 3 days for the ornaments to fully dry but check with the brand of your clay and how thick your ornaments are. To finish, place some string or ribbon through the holes in your ornaments and that's it! 

Now that my birthday has come and gone, we can really start bringing Christmas into the apartment!


  1. I have a Christmas party coming up (that I'm hosting) and I'd love to bake blondies and give these clay ornaments as party favours! Thanks for these great ideas, Karen :)

    1. I hope you make both the blondies and these ornaments! And Christmas party! How fun! What are you planning on doing?! :)

  2. Karen... ! Love reading your post :) Trust you had a lovely birthday celebration